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Heishan Wancheng Bentonite Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1950s (formerly Heishan Bentonite Mine). It is located in the Bentonite Deep Processing Industrial Park, which is 3 km east of Heishan County, Liaoning Province. It is adjacent to National Highway 102 and Provincial Highway S304. It is a large domestic bentonite mine enterprise integrating bentonite mining, R&D, and sales. According to the survey of the National Geological Team, the upper layer of the mine is calcium-based bentonite, the middle layer is calcium-sodium-based bentonite, and the lower layer is natural sodium-based bentonite. The deposit location is simple in structure, with stable and high quality. The proven recoverable reserves of bentonite is eighty million tons.

Since its establishment, the Company's production scale has been gradually expanded, and now there're 150 employees, with an annual sales of 180,000 tons. As for cat litter products, it has established long-term technical exchanges with Japan Co., Ltd., introduced Japanese advanced process assembly lines, independently developed 9 bentonite cat litter series, and its products are exported to more than 10 countries such as Japan, Korea, Europe, etc.

As for bentonite products, it cooperates with academy institutes such as Zhejiang University of Technology to produce 15 varieties of bentonite series, such as organic and inorganic gels, cast bentonite, mud bentonite, salt-resistant mud soil, trenchless and pipe jacking bentonite.

Besides, the organic and inorganic gels developed and produced by the Company are widely used in many environmental protection fields, such as cosmetic additives, detergent additives, paint additives, grease additives, rubber additives, paint, paper making additives, water purification, etc. These are resistant to salt mud and mud bentonite, and meet the API standards and OCMA standards of the United States. They have been widely used in Shenyang Metro, Daqing Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Crossing Company. The metallurgical pellet binder independently developed by it has been used in Benxi Iron and Steel Group and Anshan Iron and Steel Group.

In the future, Heishan Wancheng Bentonite Co., Ltd. will take the construction of green mine and environmentally friendly mine as the leading direction, increase the investments in bentonite deep processing and technology R&D, rationally utilize bentonite resources, and mainly sell high-end bentonite products, to realize the maximum values of bentonite, which is the goal of all employees in the Company.

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